Old Cookbooks and Me

These books made me quit school.

Sounds silly but it’s mostly true. When I was about to graduate college I was not wanting to be an adult yet and just get a dang full-time job so I started looking into new career options. I ended up in a post-bac program at Chapman University for Speech Pathology. I had class all day on Saturdays so my friends and I would walk to the Orange Circle for lunch. I was definitely more excited about trying every restaurant in Old Town than I was about anything I was learning in class.

But sadly, one Saturday about eight weeks in, we walked by a garage sale on our way to lunch and I found these books and subsequently quit the program a week later. I say sadly because I didn’t end up getting to eat at every restaurant. 🙁



It’s hard to say when I actually fell in love with cooking and just food in general. Who doesn’t love food at least on some level? But I like love love food. I always liked cooking. I always wanted to make recipes. I raced home from school in high school so I could watch 30-Minute Meals. I watched Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, and Emril as a kid and was always fascinated watching people cook. I also really hoped to someday have little dishes with all my ingredients chopped and lined up for me when I cooked.

But I guess my first year of college is when my love for it began to solidify and the dream of somehow working with food (for my job) began to take root inside of me. And it just will. not. go. away. I have tried to let it go, but I haven’t been able to yet. Probably because I haven’t even tried to pursue it. Oh except for the time I tried to work at Sprinkles cupcakes and they wouldn’t hire me after a four-hour shift “audition”. And the time I actually got hired at Whole Foods but then quit after one day of orientation.

So I spent most of college and afterwards dreaming about starting a blog or a business of some kind but not really doing anything about it. I think I somehow chose speech as my career path so that I could have a job that paid really well and had flexibility so that I could try something food related on the side. If I failed- no biggie! I still had a good job. With benefits and a pension! Actually I totally did that. It didn’t seem acceptable to tell people I wanted to work in food. First of all, I didn’t have any specific job goal in mind. I just knew I loved it and had a lot of ideas, but nothing concrete. Secondly, what if I failed. Those two things, and a whole lot of laziness was enough to keep me from trying.

But back to these books. Eight weeks into the program and I was already weary. I felt out of place and disinterested. Seeing these books made me feel alive. That sounds dramatic but it’s also true. The joy these books brought me contrasted with the dread I felt about my program was enough for me to call it quits.


I quit and planned to return to Old Town to buy cute props in the antique stores for the blog I was going to start. That was 2013. Fast forward to January 2018. I was half-way through a master’s program for Speech Pathology and on the verge of  quitting yet again. Long story short- here I am. But did I quit school to write a blog? No. I did not. I quit school because I had no passion for what I was learning. I came to the conclusion that I would rather just continue doing the type of work I had already been doing (working at a school district as a secretary) and focus on doing + learning about things that I really am passionate about and see where it takes me. If it only leads me to writing a blog that nobody reads I don’t care. At least I will know that I tried and I didn’t live a lie.

Planning to post a recipe from the omelette one next. I tried making the mousseline omelette the other night, but it turned out like this.

These were basically sweet scrambled eggs. Not totally disgusting, but totally not what it was supposed to be and really not something I ever want to eat. The directions were slightly unclear to me as the directions after you add the eggs to the pan are: “… stirring with a spoon and bringing the outer edges in toward the center until they begin to take on a certain consistency.” They definitely had a certain consistency…

So yeah, I have some more work to do on the omelette front.

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” – Julia Child.

Okay Julia, okay.